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Below screenshots showing our real products that are actual in development and will be fully launched to public in the nearest feauture.

YPro.Farm - Public Launch
4 March 2021 !

Earn more cryptocurrency by locking your funds in our farms. Anyone holding Uniswap LP tokens can stake those LP tokens into the corresponding initial list of pools. Once done, they will start earning tokens as rewards.

Metamask Wallet supported

MetaMask is well-known extension for accessing Ethereum enabled distributed applications or Dapps in your browser.

YPro.Swap - in development

YPro.Swap will be an Ethereum based exchange that will allow anyone to swap ERC20 tokens.

Fast and secure transactions

No order books, no waiting. Just choose two tokens you want to swap and click one button. Enjoy swapped tokens!

Different wallets supported

You will be able to use three wallets: Metamask, Coinbase Wallet and WalletConnect to swap your coins.

YPro.Stake - in development

Generate a passive income with our staking platform. You can earn rewards when you stake cryptocurrencies and fiat for a choosen period of time.

Any period of Staking

You will be able to choose any period of time you want to Stake your crypto - up to 365 days.

Unlimited Rewards

You will be able to Stake as many crypto as you want and earn as many reward as possible. There won't be any limits!

YPro.Farm - test mode video

Click on video and check how our YPro.Farm platform will work.
All you will have to do is just do 3 simple steps:

  • 1. Choose farm and connect your Metamask wallet
  • 2. Get Uniswap LP tokens
  • 3. Click on "Start farming now" and enjoy your reward!

YPro 2020/2021 Roadmap

YPro Team work very hard everyday to provide you great and working products. Here is a list of our most important goals to be realized in the nearest future:

Q3/Q4 2020
Founding and development

- Project founding
- Setting up a team and employing developers
- YPro.Farm development (final testing)
- YPro.Swap development (70% done)
- YPro.Stake development (60% done)

Public Token Sale and listings

YPro Token contract creation -
YPro Token I Stage sale -
YPro Token II Stage sale -
YPro Token III Stage sale -
YPro Token Final Stage sale -
Additional YPro sale - Stage V -
(ongoing) YPro Farm Token (YPF) sale -
YPro Uniswap listing -
YPro Indoex listing -
YPro Hotbit listing -
CoinMarketCap listing -
Coingecko listing -
CoinPaprika listing -
CoinCodex listing -
Livecoinwatch listing -
YPro Whitepaper v1.0 release -
(launch: 4 March) YPro.Farm public launch -
YPF Token Uniswap listing -

Q1 2021
Q2 2021
Products launch and marketing

- YPro Whitepaper v2.0 release
- YPro.Swap public launch
- YPro.Stake public launch
- Big marketing campaign
- Top 10 CMC Exchange listing for YPRO and YPF tokens
- Future products development (YPro.Vaults, YPro.Governance, YPro.Lending, YPro.Borrow)
- Roadmap v.2.0 release

YPro Token allocation

There won't be more then 250 000 YPro in total circulation. All unsold tokens will be burned after public sale finish.

Public Sale (with bonuss) - 132 500
Uniswap liquidity lock - 40 000
Exchange listings - 25 000
Development - 20 000
Marketing and promotion - 20 000
Team - 12 500

YPRO Token sale finished !

If you're interested in buying YPro Token, check below trading section to find exchanges where YPro is listed. Short sale summary:


YPro Tokens

sold in all sale stages

104 024.24

YPro Tokens distributed

to buyers accounts

28 475.76

unsold YPro Tokens

will be burned

YPro Token (YPRO) trading corner:

Latest News

Read the latest news from the YPro world to stay up to date. Here are the most important informations:

YPro Team 26th February, 2021
YPro Team 19th February, 2021
YPro Team 14th February, 2021

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