YPro.Farm launch information:

Due to the fact that we organized the fifth YPRO token sale stage, official launch of the YPro.Farm is postponed by seven days and set for 4 March 2021 .

Recently, we have slightly improved the appearance of our farming page. We want to share some screenshots here:

Farming page:

Farming functions after unlocking wallet:

Please note that the above photos are from tests - they are not based on real YPF token contract !

We hope that you'll like it.

Currently we are still focused on testing our product and preparing to launch it. We will create ERC-20 token contract for YPF (YPro Farm Token) soon - that will be mintable reward token on our farming platform. Anyone holding Uniswap LP tokens will be able to stake those tokens into the corresponding initial list of pools. Once done, they will start earning YPF tokens as reward.

Here are some basic information's about launch:

- There will be 50 000 YPF as the beggining supply. This tokens will be available to buy before launch of YPro.Farm platform (sale duration: 18.02-24.02.2021) - all money collected during this sale will be used to list YPF token on Uniswap and provide liquidity to pool.

- At every block, 0.015 YPF tokens will be created (about 105 YPF daily) . These tokens will be equally distributed to the stakers of each of the supported pools.

- There will be 4 farming pools on the launch day (USDT/WETH, YPRO/WETH, YPRO/YPRO and CURVE DAO/USDT). The number of active pools will be gradually increased in a short time.

Important! As the platform introductory launch offer, the platform will generate 4x more YPF rewards per block (0.06 YPF per block / 420 YPF daily) during the first 7 days. After this 7 days the reward will be set to 0.015 YPF per block.

We will share more detailed instructions how to use our product after official launch.

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